Nearly two dozen members of the Georgia General Assembly have called on the co-owners of the Vogtle nuclear expansion to cap the costs of the project. The call for action comes a week before a decision next week that will decide the fate of the project.

The letter was addressed to the Boards of Directors at Georgia Power, Oglethorpe Power Company, and the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia. It opened expressing concerned about the ‘ever-escalating cost’ of Plant Vogtle.

In its brief four paragraphs, the letter asks that the shareholders “ensure prior to voting in support as required by the amended Co-Owners Agreement, that a cost cap is established that protects all Georgia electric rate payers from this and future overruns.”

Signed by Representativess:

  • Jay Powell
  • Rick Jasperse
  • Terry England
  • Mark Newton
  • Jason Shaw
  • Dominic LaRiccia
  • Darlene Taylor
  • John Corbett
  • Matt Hatchett
  • Clay Pirkle
  • Mack Jackson
  • Penny Houston
  • Robert Dickey
  • Terry Rogers
  • Jan Jones
  • Sharon Cooper
  • Bill Werkheiser

Senators John Albers, Chuck Hufstetler, and Butch Miller.

You can read the letter in its entirety below.

Georgia General Assembly Letter to Georgia Power, Oglethorpe, and MEAG
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