The Georgia Republican Party has released another ad in the General Election cycle, the latest targeting Democratic gubernatorial Stacey Abrams and her legislative record.

The GA GOP in the ad released Wednesday titled ‘Drop’ focuses on Abrams’ voting record with regard to sex crimes and protections for victims.

John Watson, Chairman of Georgia Republican Party (Photo: Facebook)

‘Drop’ showcases a mother named Jessica dropping her child off at school before she shames Abrams for failing to protect children, women, and victims from sexual predators. In a press release issued with the ad, Chairman of the GA GOP John Watson is quoted saying, “While getting rich on taxpayer money and political non-profits funded by George Soros, Abrams rejected legislation to protect innocent children from sex predators. That’s inexcusable. Stacey Abrams is just too extreme for Georgia.”


You can watch the ad below.


The referenced vote is from the 2007-2008 legislative session, specifically House Bill 908 and Senate Bill 1.

House Bill 908 added ‘public libraries’ to the locations a sexual offender cannot reside within a certain distance of because of the congregation of children. Stacey Abrams did not vote to allow sexual predators to work ‘next to schools and child care facilities’ because that was not up for amendment and was already law at the time HB 908 came through the legislature. The bill was an amendment to the current law to include ‘public libraries.’ You can read it below:

HB 908_2008

Abrams and 28 other lawmakers voted against the bill and it passed through the House but was never taken up by the Senate. See the vote here. Instead, the language of HB 908 was amended into Senate Bill 1 and passed by both chambers and ultimately signed by the Governor Sonny Perdue.

The language in HB 908/SB 1 did not amend Georgia law for restrictions of sex offenders photographing minors as the only change in the law dealt with public libraries. Changes or new language in legislation are indicated by ‘underlined’ text and only the verbiage on public libraries is underlined in SB 1. The photography code section was unaffected. You can read SB 1 as passed and signed by the Governor below.

SB 1_ 2008

The final vote on SB 1 in the House is here.

The ad ‘Drop’ is determined to be mostly false.

You can watch the other ads released by the Georgia Republican Party since the July runoff election below. The Party has funded a total of two pro-Kemp television ads and two anti-Abrams ads.



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  1. They talk plenty big talk for some folks who support a sexual predator and child rapist as president, who has also had nearly half his hirees quit or be fired for no reason, four of whom have been indicted for federal crimes, who was elected by another country and not the people of the United States ad majorum, and who has several more folks he hired who are currently under investigation and a president who has is also trying to appoint a sexual predator to the Supreme Court. The jury’s out on anything Stacey Abrams did or didn’t do. If Trump is the standard-setter on American politics, then Abrams is as pure as the driven snow.

  2. Not sure I understand how it’s “Half True” in the picture and title but “Mostly False” in the text. What, exactly, is true about this ad that would support the former?

    • Exactly. Why does the headline say half true when the article says, at the very end, mostly false. Misleading. Seeems almost intentional by the author.

  3. Lies, lies, lies. This law was passed buy GA GOP leaders and signed into law by A Republican Gov Sonny Perdue. Ms Jessica stop lying and start telling the truth DROP THE LIES, DROP THE LIES.

  4. The website for the ad is so pathetic. It looks like it was built on Geocities in the late ’90s. It’s just the ad embedded at the top, and a list bulleted by big, red Xs with all the “facts” in the ad. No contact info or sources, the only other information is “Paid for by Brian Kemp”. They clearly put no real thought or effort into this very blatant mudslinging attempt.

  5. These ads are the reason I for the first time in my conservative life will vote against the party I have love and sopprted so dearly. Enough!


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