Pre-K Students Show Significant Growth in Language and Literacy, Math, and Social-Emotional Skills

All over Georgia school is beginning for over 80,000 four year olds attending Georgia’s Pre-K Program. The voluntary, lottery-funded Pre-K program has been recognized as one of the top programs in the nation based on quality standards, teacher qualifications, and enrollment.

Georgia’s Pre-K Program is unique especially in its access and in its delivery model. First, the program is accessible to any age eligible child residing in Georgia regardless of family income. Second, the program operates through a public-private partnership as Pre-K classes are offered in local school systems, private for profit and nonprofit child care centers, military bases, colleges and universities, and other facilities.

This unique delivery model helps ensure that families have many options in determining the kind of preschool experience they want for their child. In the 2017-2018 school year, approximately 60 percent of all four year olds in Georgia were served by state funded Pre-K. Usually the first day of Georgia’s Pre-K Program aligns with the local school system calendar regardless of the Pre-K setting, i.e., for profit and nonprofit child care centers, military bases, colleges and universities, and other facilities.

Georgia’s Pre-K Program is administered by the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning (DECAL). For this upcoming school year, DECAL awarded 15 new Pre-K classes, 24 expansion classes at existing programs, and 3,818 continuation classes for a total of 3,857 classes serving over 80,000 children.

“Georgia’s Pre-K Program is a nationally-recognized program of excellence now entering its 26th year,” said DECAL Commissioner Amy M. Jacobs. “The program encompasses all aspects of the highest quality early learning experiences that ensure school readiness for children and impact educational outcomes well into Kindergarten and early elementary years.”

“Research shows that a quality early learning experience through Georgia’s Pre-K Program significantly impacts school readiness skills for our students in language, literacy, and math,” added Susan Adams, Deputy Commissioner for Georgia’s Pre-K Program and Instructional Supports. “The program’s success can be attributed directly to the outstanding Pre-K teachers and assistants who implement this program daily, and the strong family support we see in communities across the state.”

Information from Bright from the Start.

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