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The author is a former teacher and school administrator 

Since the school shooting in Florida, there have been a plethora of school terroristic threats around the state in both urban and rural communities.

After such an incident, it is not uncommon for schools to see an increase in this type of behavior, but social media proliferates threats as a force multiplier. Unfortunately, some are trying to capitalize on such events to gain notoriety, but such fame can come at a cost.

What may appear to be a joke, does have serious consequences. So what are the penalties? It depends on the nature of the threat.

  • 1-10 years in jail with a $5000 penalty
  • Potential aggravated assault charges
  • A criminal attempt at murder
  • Transmitting a false alarm
  • Terroristic threats
  • Potential charges for cruelty to children
  • Mental anguish damages

Ignorance of the law is not justification for ill-conceived threats. No threat should be considered empty. Georgia law recognizes such threats mostly as a felony. If you see/hear something, please alert school and law enforcement officials.

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