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The LBGT Resource Center at Kennesaw State University released a pamphlet listing several gender-neutral pronouns such as “ne, “ve,” and “ey.”

The words are emphasized in a pamphlet titled “Pronouns Matter.” A guide to using gender-neutral pronouns that school officials handed out in Kennesaw State University’s Student Center on Tuesday, as reported by CampusReform.org.

Kennesaw State Office of Student Engagement released the pamphlet for those on campus with questions or who had a particular interest in the subject.

According to college’s State Office of Student Engagement, no one on campus is required to use the suggested pronouns or distribute the material.

The pamphlet informs the students to “understand a person’s pronouns can change; do not assume the preferred pronouns from yesterday will still apply today.”

The guide further states that “people may change their pronouns without changing their name, appearance or gender identity.”

The suggestions are entirely optional, according to the guide, and further suggests such pronouns can be used in discussions and introductions if one chooses.

A conjugation chart gives the following examples in the pronunciation of the pronouns: “Ne.” “Ne laughed. “I called nem.” “Nir eyes gleam.” “That is nirs.” “Ne likes nemself.”

Students are highly encouraged to ask friends, classmates, acquaintances, and co-workers how they chose to be identified before assuming they want to be called he or she.

If one does call someone the wrong pronoun, the guide gives a list of situations in which students utilize the wrong pronoun.

For example:

  • Her books are – I’m sorry, hir books are over there.

Kennesaw State communications office was asked to comment on the matter, but they did not return communications in time for publishing.

Last year, the University of Georgia also published a “How-to-Guide” on pronoun usage.

UGA’s guide includes advice for those who are uncomfortable using gender-neutral pronouns and encourages them to volunteer their own preferred pronouns and ask others to specify theirs.

Picture credit – Picture of gender neutral suggestions published by Kennesaw State Univ. in Kennesaw, GA. Watermarked with Campus Reform logo.


Writer – Jeremy Spencer

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  1. If you’re not willing to tattoo your “preferred” pronouns on your forehead, don’t get pissed at me if I get them “wrong”!!


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