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Influx of Central American Migrants Continues

Immigrants continue to flood the border.

HUD offers Foreclosure protection offered to displaced Florida families


Texas doctor fights feds over dinosaur skull

A Texas doctor takes on the feds for his dinosaur skull

Former state legislator sentenced prison for accepting bribes

A former Alabama legislator, pleaded guilty today in federal court to accepting bribes from a Birmingham lawyer and an Alabama coal company executive in exchange for advocating their employers’ opposition to EPA actions in North Birmingham.

American Broadband Initiative to Expand Connectivity for all Americans

Expanding America’s broadband connectivity is critical to our nation’s economy, and a top priority for President Trump and the Department of Commerce

Dept of Health & Human Services Releases Child Abuse, Neglect Data

New federal child abuse and neglect data shows a decline in the number of victims who suffered maltreatment for the second consecutive year. As in past years, rates of abuse and neglect are highest among infants and young children.

VA Official Sentenced to 11 Years in Prison for $2 Million Bribery Scheme Involving...

He was sentenced for demanding and receiving bribes from three for-profit schools in exchange for enrolling disabled military veterans in those schools and facilitating over $2 million in payments from the VA using the veterans’ federal benefits.

Tropical Storm Gordon headed to Mississippi, Cat 1 at landfall

Gordon moves closer to Mississippi coast.

MAGA ‘Build the Wall’ Lego-like toy set being sold ahead of Chirstmas

Will you be building the wall this Christmas?

Court Orders $857,868 in Penalties Against Technical Marine Maintenance Texas and Gulf Coast Workforce...

The Department of Justice announced that it has received a court order yesterday awarding the United States $857,868 in civil penalties, along with other relief,...