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Lawmaker proposes doctors provide more details on mammograms for some women

A bill proposed in the State House would require doctors to provide a statement to patients with dense breast tissue after mammograms. 

Kemp Announces Diverse ‘Voting System Review’ Commission

Secretary of State Brian Kemp has announced his list of appointees for the newly created SAFE Commission on Georgia's voting system. The acronym 'SAFE'...

Proposal Seeks to Regulate Contentious Landlord-Tenant Relationships

Landlords would not be permitted to retaliate, as defined by the state, against tenants who complain about landlord services if a new measure filed in the Georgia House passes.

AllOnGeorgia Fact Check: GA GOP Ad on Abrams’ ‘Sexual Predator’ Votes is HALF TRUE

The Georgia Republican Party has released another ad in the General Election cycle, the latest targeting Democratic gubernatorial Stacey Abrams and her legislative record. The...

Lawmaker: “Retirement Hike for Legislators Was ‘Right and Fair'”

One Georgia lawmaker is defending a vote to increase his own retirement benefits after a series of comments on social media appeared to show...

School Board Member Lies Under Oath About AllOnGeorgia

During proceedings for the recall petition hearing for Chattanooga County Board of Education Chairman John Agnew, another board member testifying under oath on his behalf appeared to offer false testimony on a series of events related to the recall.

GA Sec. of State issues statement on status of county-level election certification

The latest on the election certification in Georgia

BREAKDOWN: 2 Ballot Referendums In Addition to 5 Constitutional Amendments

I previously penned a breakdown on the 5 proposed Constitutional Amendments that will appear on all ballots across Georgia this fall. It can be...

State Representative Jason Spencer Resigns After Fallout from ‘Who Is America’ Episode

State Representative Jason Spencer, the Woodbine Republican who made national headlines this week for appearing on SHOwtime's "Who is America?" has resigned from his...

Bill Seeks to Oversee Transitions to Homeschooling, Involve DFCS More Easily

Under a new bill filed in the Georgia House of Representatives, parents who want to pull their children out of public school to instead homeschool would have to provide additional documentation to the school and prove the transition is not to avoid legal obligations.