Last Thursday, Trion High School Junior, Bronson Champion, attended Leadership Day at the Capitol, a State 4-H event. This past year Bronson was elected to State Board as one of three state representatives from all across Georgia. State Board is in charge of all state level functions, so Bronson has a major role in this event.

Every 4-H’er in the state of Georgia was invited to attend Leadership Day at the Capitol. In al,l they had an attendance of around 500 Senior 4-H’ers. Bronson was accompanied by Kendra Conner, a fellow Trion High School student. Kendra is a Senior at Trion High School, and has always been active in 4-H. Bronson and Kendra were also accompanied by several Chattooga High School 4-H members.

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Bronson spent the whole day speaking in assemblies and to other fellow 4-H members and legislators. He also wrote numerous letters to our Legislators thanking them for all they do for the state of Georgia and Georgia 4-H. Without the help of the legislators, Georgia 4-H would not have the opportunities for youth across the state.

When Bronson was asked how he felt about the importance of the day, he said, “February 1st is known all over the state as 4-H Day at the Capitol. This is one of the biggest days and opportunities for Georgia 4-H’ers across the state.” He went on to explain the opportunities members have while at the Capitol: “This allows youth the eligibility to thank their legislators for everything they do for Georgia 4-H in order to help create the new generation of future leaders.”

Bronson is proud to have been a major participant in this important 4H event: “Overall the day was very successful in achieving the goal of making youth more interactive with their legislators in order to help our state thrive in all areas.”

Trion High School is proud to have Bronson Champion, an outstanding student who goes above and beyond to make the best better.

By: Natalie Peterson
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